Modernization of the Akhtarskiy Plant, OJSC for mining and processing feeding shells

Address: Sadki Cossack village, Primorsko-Akhtarsk districtInvestor: the Akhtarskiy Plant, OJSCInvestment volume: 24 million rublesImplementation period: 2014

Two main areas of the Akhtarskiy Plant, OJSC are mining and processing of shell for poultry farms and production of building materials components for construction companies.

Shell application fields:

  1. Elite beaches arrangement.
  2. Construction.
  3. Railway track balancing.
  4. Shell for birds is a complete mineral supplement to the combined feed.
  5. Shell is used as a mold control means in high humidity.
  6. Shell is widely used for landscaping areas.
  7. Shell is covered the bottom of the ponds.